About Me

I believe we all posses a super human power but there are many of us who haven’t learned why or how to use it and some of us are working toward perfecting it. That super human power is connection. If human connection was a virtue every single one of us consciously worked toward every day, I truly believe magnificent changes would occur. To connect one must communicate…effectively. It’s difficult though. Thousands of self-help books, websites, sales training, life coaches, counselors and therapists wouldn’t exist if effective, healthy communication was effortless.

I decided to start this blog for two reasons… 1) to connect with others 2) writing is very therapeutic for me. It’s a side project but hope to post one to two times each month. There really isn’t much exciting about me. I just want to help leave this world a better place than when I came into it. I know doing my tiny part can make meaningful, positive change and that’s enough for me.

Quick background…
I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology but also discovered my love for media while taking one of those “pointless” general education classes, so I also have a degree in broadcast journalism. I started as a radio news broadcaster while attending college and eventually obtained my 10-year goal of co-hosting a morning radio show and hosting a mid-day show. I fell in love with radio production (writing, voicing and producing commercials) and also worked in radio sales.

As you can see, I’m a dabbler…or what I also like to call a “mistress of self-reinvention.” I believe we can be many things when we grow up. That being said, I just recently started graduate school to become a therapist and pursue my background in mental health. There are many directions I can go but at this point I would like to start out in marriage and family therapy and grief counseling because I believe communication is the core component of a family’s foundation.

I’m looking forward to starting my new career in a couple of years. I know I’ll never have all of the answers. There will always be more to learn and ways to improve, but I want to connect by communicating what I learn along the way.


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