Tonight, I Surrender

Tonight…I surrender.

I surrender to the tears I’ve been holding back and hoped would never start to fall for fear they will never stop.

Tonight I succumb to the exhaustion, fear, shock, sadness, relief, confusion, anger and PAIN.

An excruciating pain so deep in my heart, I have to remind myself over and over again to take




Tonight…I grieve the loss of my first love.

Rest in peace, Mom. I will always “Love you, Miss you.”


3 thoughts on “Tonight, I Surrender”

  1. So beautiful and says it all. I will miss your Mom so much. May she Rest In Peace and may you find comfort in knowing she is pain free and I hope she gives my Dad a big hug when she sees him.


  2. Even though I never got to meet your mom Lindsey this tribute to her it’s beautiful. Even though we know she’s no longer in pain it doesn’t make it any easier when they leave us behind. I prayed for you and your family at this time.


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