Supporters Vs. Spectators

I remember when my sister was weeks away from giving birth and she asked her OBGYN who could be in the delivery room. Her doctor told her she could have two people in the delivery room, but not just any two people. He told her there was a difference between “supporters” and “spectators” and was adamant that she choose “supporters.” I loved that. Those words have stuck with me ever since and I continue to reflect on them.

Who are the “supporters” and who are the “spectators” in my life?
Am I a true supporter for those nearest and dearest to me?

I believe it’s during our most challenging times when we are able to identify “supporters” vs. “spectators” and truly understand the value of “quality” vs. “quantity.”


  • Should genuinely share joy and excitement in our happiest of moments and achievements as well as be there to support us during our failures, mistakes and moments of grief.
  • Accept us for who we are and what we believe.
  • Are people who we love being around because they inspire us to be better human beings.
  • Make us feel better about ourselves and lift us up.
  • Leave us feeling emotionally energized; not emotionally drained.
  • Are trustworthy and make us feel safe, comfortable and important.

I believe that all we need is one true supporter to contribute to our personal growth, health and overall well-being. I am incredibly blessed to have a strong group of supporters and to have crossed paths with a handful of souls who I consider kindred spirits.  My hope is that my “supporters” know how much I value them. I want more than anything for them to understand the strength and courage I have gained through their support. What they probably consider “small” acts of support/kindness/thoughtfulness have touched my heart and lifted me in ways that will never be fogotten. I do not take them for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


8 thoughts on “Supporters Vs. Spectators”

  1. Thanks, Lindsay… I can only hope I have supported you the way you have supported me in my times I needed someone in my corner. God Bless You, Seth and Your Family…,
    Your friend, Brian

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  2. Miss Linds…. You are the TRUE supporter. Even when you are going through tough times with your Mom you still find time to think about others, asking how they are doing. I believe that is a true testament to how you were raised. You learned that from your Mother and Father. There were many days you would have such a positive bright cheery attitude and i know you were hurting inside. God Bless you and your family. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Love you…Shell.

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  3. Great read my wonderful friend!!! I loved it!! Fills my bucket to know that I can be there for you and my “Fair family” in any capacity. And I wouldn’t think of it being any other way, no second guessing. Hugs to you all!!!

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